Welcome to the Aura Exposures Photography web page. I hope that by being here you are inspired to view the world and the individuals that surround you in a refreshing new way.

I am a professional photographer operating out of Atlanta,GA. There is no distance too far, or job too small for me, so feel free to contact me or my company with inquiries. My dream is to cover every corner of the earth photographically, so let's make it come true together.

My only hope is that the quality of my work, paired with the intricacies and opportunities available in the world will serve my clients, affiliates, and fans in a special way. Photography is my passion and I cannot wait to learn something new on this visual journey in the years to come. I will travel anywhere for the right price, the perfect shot, or an excellent experience, because above all else, "Vision Is Vital®".

Owner/Photographer: Jordan O. Blyden

Weddings • Commercial • Events • Portraits • Modeling & Portfolio Building • Fashion • Art and much more.

Contact: 706 247 6753 Facebook • Instagram • Tumblr • Twitter

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